Big data for small retail.

A simple, powerful analytics solution, optimised for small stores.

Use our small, wireless sensors to start gathering valuable insights and improving your business.

Start measuring more than just sales

Track the controllable metrics your online competitors are already optimising

Walk-by traffic Capture rate Store visits Time in store Indoor location Engagement Conversion rate Sales

Improve your capture and conversion rates

How much of the foot traffic passing by your store enters it?
How many of the customers that enter your store make a purchase?

More effective
Marketing campaigns

Measure the impact of successful marketing campaigns by observing an increase in customers, after accounting for any variation in regular walk-by traffic.

More compelling
Front window displays

Choose window displays that work by measuring their ability to compel customers into the store.

Sales staff performance

Reward true high achievers with the ability to disentangle the contribution of each salesperson according to their conversion, rather than sales figures.

Store layout and displays

Perform A/B tests on various store layouts, offers, and displays to evaluate their individual impact on conversion.

Explore and forecast your traffic patterns

Identify critical times

Find periods when your most valuable customers shop in your store, or when conversion sags to unusually low levels.

Optimise rostering

Save on labour costs by rostering staff based on accurate measurements of traffic and identifying periods where more or less staff members are required.

Anticipate trends

Get an early handle on emerging trends in foot traffic before they flow through to your bottom line

A simple, integrated, and privacy-friendly solution

Easy to set up

Self-installation is a breeze. Simply place the small wireless sensors throughout your store and connect them to your in-store Wi-Fi to get up and running.

Cloud-based dashboard

Arm yourself with store performance insights, available in real-time on our secure online dashboard via a browser, tablet or smartphone.

Protect the privacy of your customers

Unlike many other in-store analytics solutions, we use motion data rather than rely on scraping Wi-Fi signals from shopper's smartphones, ensuring all data collected is completely anonymous.

Powerful algorithms enhance accuracy

Under the bonnet, advanced algorithms use customer's motion signatures to measure shopper behaviour with exceptional accuracy.

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